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Kip Mechals

Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor Representative

Phone: 503-434-2757

Fax: 877-326-6055

Email: kip@cascadiawm.com

As an art major at Western Oregon State College, Kip decided to supplement his studies with business classes that would help him run his photography business. He quickly recognized he was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole and found that he had a natural aptitude for finance and changed his major.  In 1988, Kip graduated with a degree in business and a minor in economics.

He’s been in the financial industry continuously since 1989.  Early in his career, he discovered that what he enjoys most about the financial industry are the long-term connection with clients and their families.  In 1999, Kip co-founded Cascadia Wealth Management and then eventually sold it because as an owner/manager it was taking him further away from the client relationship he enjoyed.  Since stepping down as an owner of Cascadia he has refocused his energy on assisting individuals with the planning process by developing financial plans and investment strategies that meet their needs. Specializing in retirement planning and wealth preservation strategies, Kip and his financial planning partner, Eric Adler, advocate a conservative investment approach and employ tactical investment management to pursue their clients’ goals.

Kip is to this day an avid photographer and enjoys time on his mountain bike.  Kip and his wife Jody are empty nesters but still pester our kids!